temporary spaces .

Screen Broken Hill has temporary office space available in the CBD. In addition to hot desks and co-working spaces for rent, there are also meeting facilities, and temporary production office space available.  It makes an excellent base for scouting and surveys, and there's usually heaps of otherempty spaces available around town to suit all production sizes and budgets - just waiting for your production or event.  (What's available varies so please get in touch to find out more).

Screen Services Directory.

This is currently under development.  When finished we will have an up to date digital and physical 'screen services guide' to help you find what you need in the region.  In the meantime pleaseget in touch and we'll help you find the right people and services.

Locations Gallery.

Stay tuned for a dedicated locations gallery and a talent gallery.  If you have a particular location or talent request in mind, we can assist in finding the right match. (Or, if you would like to submit your location or sign up as talent we can help).

get involved.

This is a community thing.

The idea behind Screen Broken Hill is to help people at all stages of their screen journey to get involved and take things to the next level .  If you can help out with a project or want to learn more, please get in touch.  Same goes for the more experienced practitioners among us,  if you can assist in any way to keep things moving, then don't be shy, just sing out.  Or you may need a hand with your next passion project.  It's all good. 

time to hit the road.

Get Social.

if you have not yet done so, you can keep in the loop through social media - there are several relevant pages for Broken Hill and Silverton.  Some that you may wish to join / follow include:

facebook - @ScreenBrokenHill
twitter - @ScreenBH
Instagram @ScreenBrokenHill

Facebook groups:

  • Outback Filmmakers
  • Photographers of the Far West
  • Broken Hill Film Industry Info page


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